What's The Coaching Connection?

  • Big Impact, Small Price

    Our 25+ coaches and ADHD professionals volunteer their coaching time and expertise but at no sacrifice of their talent or professionalism. We believe that together we can provide quality coaching with greater financial accessibility to our ADHD individuals and families.

  • Get To Know Your Coach

    The Coaching Connection facilitates a platform to learn from and experience coaching through a variety of excellent coaches and perspectives. You can now "shop around" through our ADHD video coaching vault to learn from not just one coach but MANY with various ADHD backgrounds.

  • Resources

    View and learn about your ADHD though videos by category and skill sets of our different coaches. This also includes special guests, and ADHD skills session classes with downloadable files for at-home ADHD specific personal development.

What Happens when I join?

This one time payment you'll get LIFETIME access to ALL of these resources to help you flex your best ADHD muscles:

  • ADHD Coaching & Education Sessions:  Experience the best of coaching by our hand selected ADHD Specific Coaches and specialized ADHD professional guests in over 50 recorded education and coaching sessions. 

  • Killer ADHD Management Resources: Access a powerful archive of researched techniques, tips, tricks, organizers,  brain hacks and education classes. 

  • ADHD Skills Sessions:  Learn skills in a brain/body hacking session from our professionally trained and certified Educational Resource Specialist. 

All of the above comes included in your LIFETIME ACCESS one time payment. 

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I'm Kamden

As a 36 year old mom of 3, I was diagnosed with ADHD, and didn't know where to turn, maybe you can relate? I went on a search for professionals and resources that knew more about ADHD than I did and were willing to help me understand myself and my life better. Their kindness inspired The ADHDirectory where hundreds have now been connected with ADHD coaches perfect for them to help them on their own journey forward. The ADHD Coaching Connection is my way of extending that service to help even more of the ADHD community have access to coaching. There is unlimited value for you whether or not you've been coached before, whether you enjoy working solo or in a group. With the proper support you can begin to create a life that reflects everything amazing inside of you that has ever wanted out. I can't wait to meet you soon- See you on the inside!
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